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Were you recently cited for a traffic violation or other Class C misdemeanor in Texas? In many cases, these are easily taken care of, but if ignored they can result in you dealing with a larger problem. Dealing with a ticket can be incredibly stressful. It is vital to trust an experienced attorney with your future and your freedom.

We can represent you in all court appearances, after your initial appearance, to take away the stress and give you peace of mind that your defense is in solid hands.

We represent all drivers and commercial drivers with moving violations and insurance and license tickets. We can also represent in a range of criminal matters, from misdemeanors to serious felonies.

Rick Oliver Law Firm is a proven expert in resolving traffic and Class C cases, in Harris, Galveston, Montgomery, Chambers, Brazoria, & Fort Bend Counties. We look for the defects that gets tickets thrown out or reduces your charges. For cases that go to a jury, we do the talking and get results for our clients.

Traffic offenses in Texas vary from small traffic citations such as a ticket for not wearing your seat belt to more serious traffic offenses that carry a potential jail sentence. Many of those who receive minor traffic tickets simply pay the fines; believing the matter is settled. However, many violations result in the accumulation of “points.” If enough of these “points” accumulate against your driving record it can trigger a license suspension by DPS. This can lead to potential arrest as well as the potential havoc it can wreak on insurance premiums. 

If ignored, DPS can ultimately revoke a person’s privilege to drive in the state of Texas. Once a license is revoked there is little chance that person will ever successfully have it reinstated. Contact an experienced attorney today who can advise you on how best to handle your traffic tickets.


License Suspensions (DWLI/DWLS) Houston

Driving on a suspended license is not in your best interest, because if you are caught, you have just earned yourself a longer suspension. It’s also highly likely, that you’ll get a trip to jail. If you have been notified that your license will be suspended, contact the Rick Oliver Law Firm, so we can advise you on how best to proceed.

In some instances a pending suspension can be avoided. In other situations those whose driving privileges have been suspended can petition an appropriate court for an occupational or restricted drivers license. An occupational or restricted license will allow you to travel to work and other designated places while your suspension is pending.

Rick Oliver Law Firm

 Rick was licensed to practice law in the state of Texas in 2007 and began his solo practice on June 1, 2008. Rick did not come from a family of wealth or of lawyers. When he started, he did not know a single attorney–let alone a criminal defense attorney–in the City of Houston. He built the foundation of a successful practice with little more than a code book and a can-do attitude. 

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In 2016, less than seven years after becoming licensed, Rick was certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in his practice area of Criminal Law. His practice is almost entirely dedicated to criminal trial and appellate law. He writes extensively and has been published in various forums across the state.


Out of 70,000 attorneys in the State of Texas, less than 7,000 are board certified. The Texas Bar has estimated that only 10 percent of all Texas Bar members achieve this important distinction. But, lawyers can seek board certification in a number of different practice areas. As of 2016, there were only 842 lawyers IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS who are Board Certified in Criminal Law.

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The last offer of a plea bargain, the last chance before trial. Rick and I reviewed all the facts. We talked. He shared more findings he had just uncovered. His empathy and professionalism were outstanding. I really trusted him with my life. With a deep breath I said, let's go to trial, no deal. Back in the courtroom, he went straight to the attorney for the DA and got busy. He talked and pointed. He got animated. More attorneys. More talking. Finally to the clerk and called me back to the conference room. I was breathless. With the most beautiful smile I ever seen, he said, all charges DISMISSED.
Rick Oliver's Client
Rick Oliver was a godsend. After my arrest for DWI, I had little money and absolutely no knowledge of the legal proceedings I was facing. Rick changed all that and worked with me despite my financial issues and still kept me very will informed with all aspects of my case. Rick made sure I knew all my legal rights and fought to ensure I was still afforded them. At every hearing, Rick was always very punctual and always had new information to pass on to me about my case. Any questions or concerns that I had were easily answered and addressed by Rick. I would strongly recommend Rick Oliver to anyone.
Rick Oliver's Client
An Attorney friend refereed me to Rick K. Oliver for a DWI case. I was lucky to talk to him right away as he encouraged me to go get my own toxicity scan as I had just gotten out of jail. I of course refused to let the police administer a test so this was very quick thinking to show I did not have illegal drugs in my system. He was very informative when I talked to him and he explained the law far more thoroughly when I talked to him than even the established DWI attorneys. I decided to hire Rick Oliver and it was the best decision I made recently. I was really rude to the cops that stopped me cause I was obviously pissed off. This was quite apparent on the tape and report. He still managed to get the case dismissed. After watching the tape myself I have to say he is worth 10 times what he charges.
Rick Oliver's Client

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