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Houston Felony DWI defense

A conviction for misdemeanor DWI can be a tough life-lesson. A conviction for felony DWI can be life-altering. It is impossible to be charged with a felony DWI without the existence of certain additional factors. The most common type of felony DWI occurs when a citizen is accused of his or her third (or more) offense. 

The first thing to remember about a felony DWI is that the state must still prove the underlying DWI. The fact that an offense is charged as a felony does not change the character of the offense itself. Mostly, what is different about a felony DWI is the exposure to the client. 

The penalties associated with a 3rd degree felony DWI could include:

  1. Up to a $10,000 maximum fine
  2. Two to Ten years in Prison
  3. Suspended Drivers license for up to two years
  4. $2000 every year for three years to keep your drivers license
Clearly, the exposure to the client in terms of the potential that you might be sent to prison is greater. However, that does not mean you should simply throw yourself upon the mercy of the court and ask for anything short of a prison sentence. 

The Law Office of Rick Oliver Houston will thoroughly investigate the facts of the case to determine whether the state can prove the accusation. 

Client Testimonials

My first DWI was 20 years ago but apparently still counted against me; my second was in the first part of 2011 and was such a sham that Rick tore their case to shreds. NEVER BLOW folks, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!!! Would recommend Rick to anyone alive who needed a good attorney.

DWI Client


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