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DWI With Child Passenger

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Driving while under the influence with a child passenger is considered a state jail felony.Even if you have never had a prior DWI conviction you will still face penalties associated with a state jail felony due to the fact that you were arrested under suspicion of DWI while a child under the age of 14 was in the vehicle with you.

DWI (Child Passenger) penalties could be but not limited to:

  • Incarceration in State Jail Facility for no less than 180 days and up to 2 years.
  • $10,000 fine

Client Testimonials

My first DWI was 20 years ago but apparently still counted against me; my second was in the first part of 2011 and was such a sham that Rick tore their case to shreds. NEVER BLOW folks, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!!! Would recommend Rick to anyone alive who needed a good attorney.

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