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DWI 2nd Offense

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A conviction for a DWI 1st offense is a Class B misdemeanor in the state of Texas. The potential penalty for a second conviction is a more serious offense classified as a Class A misdemeanor. No conviction is a good conviction. However, a conviction for a DWI 2nd offense has the potential to create more problems than merely those associated with the conviction itself. All DWI convictions are available in future prosecutions for enhancement. In Texas, the first two convictions are treated as misdemeanor offenses. However, a third arrest would subject a person to prosecution for a felony. It is the combined exposure between the offense itself and the availability of future enhancement that should impel any person accused of a second DWI to seek and retain the best legal defense available. Some of the potential consequences for a conviction of a DWI 2nd offense include:

A 2nd offense DWI carries penalties that include:

  • Up to $4000 maximum fine
  • Up to 1 year in jail
  • Suspended Drivers license for up to 2 years
  • $1500 DPS Driver Surcharg
  • Class A Misdemeanor

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My first DWI was 20 years ago but apparently still counted against me; my second was in the first part of 2011 and was such a sham that Rick tore their case to shreds. NEVER BLOW folks, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!!! Would recommend Rick to anyone alive who needed a good attorney.

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