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Traffic Offenses


Houston Traffic Offense Lawyer

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Traffic offenses in Houston, TX vary from small traffic citations such as a ticket for not wearing your seat belt to more serious traffic offenses that carry a potential jail sentence. Many of those who receive minor traffic tickets simply pay the fines; believing the matter is settled. However, many violations result in the accumulation of "points." If enough of these "points" accumulate against your driving record it can trigger a license suspension by DPS. This can lead to potential arrest as well as the potential havoc it can wreak on insurance premiums. If ignored, DPS can ultimately revoke a person's privilege to drive in the state of Texas. Once a license is revoked there is little chance that person will ever successfully have it reinstated. Contact an experienced attorney today who can advise you on how best to handle your traffic tickets.

License Suspensions (DWLI/DWLS) Houston

Driving on a suspended license is not in your best interest because if you are caught you have just earned yourself a longer suspension and likely a trip to jail. If you have been notified that your license will be suspended contact the Law Office of Rick Oliver so we can advise you on how best to proceed. In some instances a pending suspension can be avoided. In other situations those whose driving privileges have been suspended can petittion an appropriate court for an occupational or restricted drivers license. An occupational or restricted license will allow you to travel to work and other designated places while your suspension is pending.

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