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Board Certified criminal defense lawyer

Certified by the texas board of legal specialization as a Specialist in Criminal trial Law

Rick Oliver is board certified as a specialist or expert in the field of criminal trial law. This certification is the highest level of recognition awarded by the Texas Bar and is a mark of excellence and distinguishing accomplishment.

Out of 70,000 attorneys in the State of Texas, less than 7,000 are board certified. The Texas Bar has estimated that only 10 percent of all Texas Bar members achieve this important distinction. But, lawyers can seek board certification in a number of different practice areas. As of 2016, there were only 842 lawyers IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF TEXAS who are Board Certified in Criminal Law.

Even that number can be deceiving. For most criminal lawyers, their first job out of law school is with one of the many District Attorneys Offices. There, they are assigned cases to prosecute. Those whose aspirations go beyond the trial bureau may also spend a period of time handling appeals and other post-conviction matters. Their work there is necessarily pro-prosecution. Any lawyer that claims there is no difference between a pro-prosecution analysis and a pro-defense analysis is not being entirely forthcoming. Nevertheless, lawyers assigned to work on those cases must still demonstrate professional competency if they hope to apply for board certification.

Rick Oliver has never worked for the government. He was never an assistant district attorney. He did not work for or under any other defense attorney. He did not rely on a single appointed case in order to meet the cumulative case requirements that must be met before one can even apply. Rick Oliver Attorney at Law built his credentials on trust. His clients trusted him enough to go to trial. His clients trusted him enough to ask that he pursue their appeal. Nothing has ever been assigned or given to Rick Oliver Attorney at Law. Rick Oliver has built his career on trust.   

When looking for the best criminal defense attorney for your particular case, do not be afraid to ask, "Are you board certified in criminal trial practice?" 

Why Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney who is Board Certified?

If you were about to go into surgery you would want the best surgeon to operate on you. The same is true of your criminal defense. You need the best attorney you can find to ensure that your rights are zealously protected. The Texas Bar has created a series of strict requirements to become Board Certified in the specialized area of criminal trial law including:

  • being a practicing attorney in good standing with the Texas Bar for at least five years;
  • being focused on criminal trial law and demonstrating substantial involvement in that specialty practice area;
  • showing experience in taking criminal cases to trial before a jury as lead counsel including at least 5 state felony trials, at least 10 state misdemeanor trials;
  • any combination of 5 state or federal appeals; and
  • completion of at least 45 hours of continuing legal education (CLE) courses focused on criminal trial law and related fields.

The attorney must also pass a written examination demonstrating knowledge, skills and proficiency in the field of criminal trial law to justify the designation of special competence in the field of criminal law. To maintain the designation the attorney must submit to recertification every five years.

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